Here’s a quick preview of what’t in the new PS3 firmware 3.10 which is scheduled to come out in the coming weeks.

To start off, Facebook is coming to your PS3 console. Yup, you will now with linking your PSN to your Facebook account. You will be able to share trophy stats, games stats (future) and PlayStation store purchase updates to your Facebook feed.

The the other update is do with the PS3 image browser. No more a list, it’s now a wall with thumbnails to make browsing through large collections  a walk in the park.

Lastly, the friends section gets a makeover too. Only the friend in focus gets highlighted now and not all.

[][3]Also, you can now change your profile color.

There should be a few other fixes/enhancements coming out with this release. We will juts have to wait and see.

Source: PS3 Blog

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