Recently I stumbled upon releaselog and ever since then it has become the first site I visit everyday just before I start my daily torrent downloads. I have the feed added to my Google Reader page. I browse, read the review and download if it sounds or looks interesting. Done!! Imagine the simplicity.

What I love fancy most about releaselog is the reviews. Every movie, software, music, etc.. always has a full review with good quality screenshots linked to it. The reviews provide end users with the ability to choose what file they really want to download instead of downloading something and later realizing it’s not what he/she wanted. I personally feel that the reviews actually increase downloads. Imagine yourself at a torrent site browsing through files, chances are you might not download a file with a weird name or has a name that’s not appealing but with reviews and honest feedback, the end user might download a file that he normally might have discarded.

Experience releaselog for yourself and tell me what you think. Hope you find it resourceful.  Releaselog |