Image reads: The people’s dog catching competition.

Who on earth would start a competiton to catch stray dogs? Let me tell you who, the municipal of Selayang, Malaysia. This is crap and to add injury to insult they are throwing in 15K,13K and 11K in prize money to the winners(jackasses who catch the most dogs!!).

The Selayang municipal council is doing the wrong thing and from the looks of it trouble coming their way. We live in a country where people would rob an old lady for cash so imagine what would happen when they find out there is 15k on the table for catching dogs. Will your dogs at home be spared by these people?

I agree that stray dogs need to be taken off the streets and given a home but not in this manner. They are such loving and gentle animals. Can’t we show compassion? SPCA, PAW should be ready to handle this, where are they?

I live in an area filled with cats and I hate cats. They get into your home and take a dump, eee!!! I’ve tried complaining to the neighbors but they decide to ignore. What kind of pet owners are these people? I want a pet but not the responsibility that comes along with it. Sometimes I feel like putting shotgun to the cat’s head when my dog has them cornered and pulling the trigger but I don’t. Why? Well I believe no one on planet earth has the right to taken the life of another being. Simple…

We need your support to save these poor animals. Please sign the “Stop The Hunt petition” to stop the competition.

Look at the smile on his face. What is he so proud of?

Source : AlanBernard.Com
Source : Selayang Municipal Council
Source : Stop The Hunt petition