There was  scheduled maintenance work  carried out on the servers hosting The Danesh  Project these past 2 days.  The servers were getting  new IPs and better infrastructure.

The outage was planned for the 22nd but somehow the hosting guys got the notification mails mixed up which explains why you did not see a post from me regarding the outage beforehand. The notification mail’s subject line read 22nd but the mail body stated 23rd.  My mind was set on the 23rd. See below.

Subject:  Shared Server *\*.***.***.** IP Migration on 22/12/2007 at 8AM (GMT+8)

Dear Customer,
Please take note that we will be performing IP migration on 23/12/2007 at 8AM (GMT+8). This means that we will switch IPs for the server. After the steps taken, there will be 5 to 10 hours of downtime period and propagation.
If you encounter any problems after the IP migration, please reply to us in this email.
Alternatively, you may submit a ticket to us at

Thank you.
247 Ticket Support Department

Well, I guess it was a genuine mistake that I would have made myself under pressure but what got to me was the 30hours outage that was initialy suppsed to only be 5-10hours. Apparently the DNS servers were propagating slower then expected.

Good thing is the site’s back up with improved performance now and I have my smile back.