Hi, writer’s block is something very common amongst busy bloggers nowadays. Most often this is the case with part time bloggers who have to juggle between their full time jobs and their love for blogging . I’ve been stuck with work lately and it’s draining all my creative juices. Ideas don’t seem to flow in easily anymore.

I need your help, there’s a new tool in town. [Skribit][2], I’ve added the widget. Skribit’s basically a Web 2.0 suggestion engine for blogs. Readers get to submit ideas for posts they would want to read and I the blog owner get’s to overcome my writer’s block syndrome.

[Give it a spin][2]. Remember to do drop me an idea or 2 on topics you would like me to post about.

[1]: /wp-content/uploads/2008/05/skribit_logo_small.png) [2]: http://skribit.com