Skype’s back now.

The major outage experienced by millions of Skype users a few days back was a results of Skype’s load balancing  algorithm not being able to coupe with a sudden surge of login requests.
Why the sudden surge in login request? Microsoft had released a patch through windows update and most of the Windows boxes out set to auto update decided to reboot at the same time. Imagine.

Skype has since fixed their algorithm and are quite confident that this glitch will not repeat itself. I can’t really blame them for this, Skype’s always been good to me. I am quite sure that their infrastructure was setup to hale sudden spike but just not as high as what was experienced this time.

At least we can be happy that the outage was not caused by a security glitch or anything else in that manner. Skype’s been good to me all this time and I’m glad to see them back up and running.

Source : What happened on August 16 - Heartbeat