TMNET has new Streamyx packages out for disabled citizens in Malaysia. The packages are the same as those made available to the general public except for the price which has been brought down almost 50%.

Those interested in applying should be aware for the terms as quoted from TMNET. Read more here.

i. This package targeted only for DISABLED CITIZEN who registered under Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
ii. Registration is available at TMpoint only.
iii. Upon registration, applicant must present the OKU identification card issued by Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to verify the status of DISABLED CITIZEN and submit a copy of OKU ID card.
iv. Applicants may send representative to TMpoint to register for the package on behalf him/her. Representative should present the OKU ID card & submit a copy of the card.
v. The 1st bill received will include one month subscription fee (from the date of service activation) and an advance charge of the second month subscription fee.

I have a question. How long before some smart ass Malaysian exploits this privilege? Knowing Malaysians, we tend to do anything just to safe a buck. Even if it mean burning in HELL!!

Source : TMNET