I received a mail from emoryu2 today. It was a thank you mail for posting his wallpaper here not too long ago. Anti Vista Wallpaper. I’m a not a windows person so naturally his wallpaper appealed to me the moment I saw it.

I know my blog does not contribute a significant amount of traffic his work but it’s nice to see individuals appreciating us now and then for sharing their work with the world.

I’m a strong believer in the open source concept and respecting intellectual properties of others. Credit should always be given to those who put their heart and soul into their work. In today’s world this is hard to practice as everyone is busy chasing success and money in the quickest way possible.

Thank you for posting my work. I’ve gotten a lot of attention on that
wallpaper. I’m sure you posting it had an impact on it. At this moment
I’ve had 757 views and 181 downloads. You’ve given me some exposure and
for that I thank you. Also thanks for giving me credit for it. As well
as a link to the page it can be downloaded from. It was very respectable
for you to do that. Very nice. Somethings that seem to be lacking these

I found your post only because I did a web search using Yahoo. I wanted
to see how far my work had branched on the net. ^_^ Once again thank you.