My blog was experincing some outage last night. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The IP block my site belongs to was experiencing heavy DDOS attacks so the data center was forced to bring down the specific network range till the issue was resolved. Official response from my hosting company below,

Update on and Experiencing Connection Issues


We’ve got the latest update on this issue. Currently upstream of data center is blocking the IPs which are determined to cause the DDOS attack. Once the data center receive notification from upstream confirmed the blockage, they will release these 2 blocks of IP.

However, it might takes hours in investigation, configuration and testing between upstream and data center. Thus, we appreciate the understanding and patience while waiting the issue to be resolved.

Thank you.

livesupport and Experiencing Connection Issues Resolved


Glad to inform that and Experiencing Connection Issues has been resolved. If you still having connectivity issues to your website, VPS or Server, do submit us a ticket attach with tracert and ping result.

Thank you for being understanding and patience during this hard period.