Know someone who’s never heard of twitter? I don’t.

There are loads of twitter desktop clients out there for Windows. I’m a Linux person so twittering from my command line is just one of the many was I twitter.

Linux and OpenSource Blog has published a list for desktop clients for Linux. Might come in handy for you.

  • ktwitter - A simple Twitter script for KDE.
  • twitter.el - Twitter from Emacs!
  • twit.el - Another Emacs client.
  • Vim Twitter - Twitter from Vim!
  • gTwitter - a Twitter client for Linux.
  • GtkTwitter - a Twitter client for Linux and Windows which using GTK.
  • Twitbar - a Twitter client for Gnome users to post from the Deskbar
  • Twit and Wayd - Two addons for Gnome Deskbar that allow posting updates to Twitter
  • BLT - twitter meets the Bourne shell, with a hint of biff.
  • Twitux - a Twitter client for the Gnome desktop. Features includes: gui-notifications, url tinyzer, and more..
  • ZenTwitter - bash script which uses zenity and curl (could be launched from custom desktop/menu/panel icons)
  • mitter - A very simple Python and pygtk client.
  • prism-twitter - prism based