Bought a domain but don’t have the time for a cool landing page. Landing pages are like really cool movie teasers, they create excitement and curiosity around the movie and pull in the crowd. The movie might have sucked but you ended up paying for it anyway.

Crappy movie teasers and crappy landing pages don’t pull in the crowd. You could hire a web developer but that would cost you money, doing it yourself might take forever or you’re just plain lazy. Fortunately there’s help.

LaunchSplash provides free web 2.0 landing pages for your domains. RSS feeds and mailing list are also bundled so that your visitors stay updated with your site’s progress.

Getting the landing page up is simple. Sign up for an account, fill in your site description and summary and finally from your DNS registrar’s control panel have your DNS point to LaunchSplash’s DNS servers.

Pretty cool service, save time and effort. [Give it a spin][3].

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