Image taken from DavidAirey

What would you do if someone hacked into your Gmail account and stole valueble information like your user name and passwords?

This happened to David Airey a logo designer from which is now forced back to it’s secondary URL His site was getting about 2000 hits a day. His business cards need to be updated and clients need to be informed.

The attacker managed to leverage a security exploit in Gmail which allowed him to inject a mail filter into Gmail which forwards all mails with attachments to the attacker. The attacker managed to obtain David’s domain account credentials.

During David’s recent holiday to India with his girlfriend, the attacker transfered “” to himself and is now holding it ransom till David decides to pay up the ransom fee of USD250 which initially was USD600.

Read the full story here.

My Advice: Google has since fixed this issue but still, make sure to check your Gmail filters. It could just save you your business and loads of time.

What would you do if this happened to you? How can we prevent this?