ZYB is currently the only web service providing a one stop mobile data backup solution through zyb.com. The service was started back in 2005 by 3 friends (About ZYB) and is 100% free.

ZYB enables you to backup and share your mobile data (contacts, sms, and calendar) online easily without the need for bluetooth or any other software. You will then be able to share your mobile data (contacts, sms, and calendar) with other ZYB users.

Currently ZYB supports over 200 400 mobile phone models and the list is keeps growing. Currently my Samsung X700 is not fully supported so I can’t utilize the service.

Ok, so now you have your mobile data online and you can share them with others, what next?

ZYB decided to go further and ZYB eventually evolved into a social networking tool. The data on your mobile phone is part of your life and what better way to keep it up to date then by bringing everyone on you mobile together in one place sharing and updating data between each other. ZYB | Life

Currently ZYB will enables you to,

  1. Backup your mobile contacts.
  2. Backup your mobile calendar items.
  3. Share your contacts and calendar items with friends and family members.
  4. Import public calendars to you mobile.
  5. Easily manage your contact list.
  6. Synchronize your mobile data with other devices . (iPod, Outlook, etc….)
  7. Invite others.
  8. Post shouts. (something like twitter)
  9. Upload photos from your mobile and tag them.
  10. More to come …..

This is a brilliant idea and I am surprised that no one had used it before till now. Please test the service if you are interested. I would love to hear your comments on this great tool.

Watch a presentation on ZYB | Life titled “Contact Is King!!” at ZYB’s blog.

Source : ZYB

Source : ZYB Blog