I have always been using KeePass on my notebook as my password manager till recently when I moved back to KL. Read on to find out why.

The problem;

I have 3 windows based machines that I use regularly. 2 at home and 1 for the road. They all have access to the net. Firefox with Google’s browser sync extension is what I use to keep my bookmarks, urls and forms synchronized between them.

All the login details for my banking sites and secure work sites are stored in my trusty KeePass. When I get back I normally work on my desktops. I have to export the KeePass database from my notebook and import it into my into my notebooks and every time I have a new login added I have to repeat the export/import process all over again. This prompted me to start seaching for an alternative solution. Online password managers!!

The Solutions,

I found 2 possible solutions. PassPack and Clipperz .


PassPack has been around for some time now(Dec 2006). It is feature packed,secure and I love the simple,functional and clean interface. The learning curve needed to get used to PassPack is almost 0 to none.


Some of the features that stand out to me are;

  1. Auto Lock - PassPack will automatically save and lock my passwords with the packing key whenever the page if left ideal for 2 minutes.
  2. Anonymous - I never provided my email addresses.
  3. Password generator - cool built in password generator.
  4. Scramble - Scrambles my password field on command when someone is passing by. On by default.
  5. AES - AES is the encryption method approved by the US Gov.
  6. Import/Export - Ability to easily import and export my password list. I used this in import from KeyPass.
  7. PassPack Blog - Covers everything about PassPack.

I have using PassPack for a few days now and it’s awesome!!


Clipperz is the new kid on the block who is out to give PassPack a run for it’s money. It boosts a colorful and simple interface but I feel PassPack has a simpler interface.


Cool features;

  1. Cool interface - The interface is simple with a good color scheme.
  2. Direct Logins - Single sign on. Allows me to log in directly to a site directly provided yo have the site credentials already saved.
  3. Bookmarklet - I can easily add a new website to my Clipperz.
  4. Anonymous - No email address require.
  5. Encrypt by browser - Data is encrypted by my browser before being sent to the Clipperz servers. Clipperz only stores my encrypted data.

What’s lacking;

  1. Import/Export - No import feature yet. Export only exports to a printable version. I have to use the offline copy feature to save an offline copy.
  2. Mozilla only - Only mozilla based browsers supported. Mozilla, Sea monkey and Firefox.
  3. Java script - Clipperz uses opesource based cryptographic functions. [Read more at Ajaxian][9]. Who will I blame and take to court when my passwords are exploited?
  4. Direct Login - Honey pot for hackers to reverse engineer? I think so.

Clipperz is a good tool. They are not quite there yet but I believe with other solutions out there like PassPack the developrers at Clipperz will surely push the envelope on futher enhancements.

What’s the difference between Clipperz and Passkey?

I have made my choice. Sorry KeePass and Clipperz but going with PassPack for now. It has convenience, functionality and security on it’s side and those are the 3 factors I looked at.

Which will you choose? I suggest all 3 and see which works best for you.




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