Trash talking just got easier with the PSP. Sony announced that they will be shipping Skype with the new “slim and light” PSP (PSP-2000) units. Users will now be able to make free calls to Skype users on PCs and also other PSP gamers.

Current PSP users will be able to enjoy Skype later this month with a firmware update through the software update functionality. However this will only be applicable to those on the new “Slim and Light” PSPs. Bummer!!

The update will enable users to;

  • Make free voice calls between Skype users
  • Manage their Skype contact list (view existing contacts, add new ones)
  • View Skype presence (see which friends are online and available to talk)
  • SkypeOutâ„¢ calls to make calls to landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of Skype credit)
  • Optional SkypeInâ„¢ number that lets users receive calls on Skype from landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of Skype credit)
  • View and modify Skype settings and account details (including username creation, SkypeOut settings, voicemail settings and call forwarding)

I’m saving up some cash to get me a PSP and iPOD. Gadgets man’s toys :). What would you recommend, iPOD or PSP?

Since moving into my new job I’ve been saving up some moola every month but I am still on the lookout for freelance jobs though. Nothing is better then being your own boss…..
Source: Sony