My Unbound DNS custom options

I’m running Unbound DNS on OPNsense at home. This covers my local PLEX server and DOH (DNS OVER HTTPs) setup. All my devices point to my PiHole server which then forwards them to the unbound server.

Disable IPv6 in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 by default resolves IPv6 address first and if that fails then reverts to IPv4. This can sometimes slow down your browser’s performance. Here are the steps to turn off IPv6 support in Firefox 3 and above. 1. Key in “about:config” into address bar, this will take you to the config page. 2. Key…

Google Public DNS down?

Google Public DNS servers, and are really sluggish today. Shit load of timeouts and really bad lag. I’m switching back to openDNS now. and Know something I don’t? Please share

Google Public DNS

Google today introduced their latest offering. “Google Public DNS”. I’ve always been on OpenDNS. However, they have no presence in Asia and this doesn’t exactly boost DNS performance for us. Google’s new “Google Public DNS” is surprising fast and after switching over to it I experince improvements my web browsing experience. Here’s a quick benchmark of Google vs OpenDNS. Link Currently Google does…

OpenDNS hits 14billion requests a day!

The best DNS service on the net, OpenDNS, receives 14 billion DNS request a day now!! Yup, 14 billion hits a day!! At pick time they process about 200,000 hits/sec which is mind blowing. A new location is planned for Amsterdam in a few months and also Asia hopefully. We need a location in Asia…