Calling all animal lovers, especially dog lovers like me. Dogathon 2007 is 5 days away. 12th August at Bukit Ekspo UPM. Map of the venu available here.
Dogathon was stared about 10 years back by the veterinary students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UPM to raise awareness of stray dogs. We can’t blame the dogs, we are the only ones to blame. Stray dogs, we see them everywhere. It’s a social issue that needs to be addresses by us. We have to help give these magnificent animals a good life by supporting events lilke this one to raise awareness for the future generations to come.

Events you can aspect at he Dogathon,

  1. Dogathon Race
  2. Fastest Eating Duo
  3. Emperor’s New Clothes
  4. Master Hunt
  5. Best Trick
  6. Agility Challenge
  7. MKA Demo (Obedience training)
  8. Dog and Owner Look-A-Like
  9. Lucky Shot
  10. Castles’ Joy
  11. Lucky Draw
  12. Introductory Class to Agility by Pet-N-You
  13. Physical Examination
  14. Vet consultation and First Aid
  15. Horse Back Riding
  16. Doggy playzone and Drinking Station
  17. SPCA and PAWS support booths.
  18. Grooming demo/ services by Yuri Grooming
  19. Heartgard and Frontline

What is the fees you ask? Well don’t worry as you will not be spending more then RM30. There will be 4 packages priced at RM 10 each, each packages will consist of different fun events. See packages here.

Read about Project Pro Kasih on the next page.

Project Pro Kasih was setup to reduce the number of strays suffering on pour streets everyday by neutering existing strays populations and releasing them to live out their natural lives.

Aims of neutering strays:

  1. Reduce number of unwanted animals.
  2. Reduce nuisance caused by strays
  3. Prevent recolonization by other un-neutered strays
  4. Reduce transmission of diseases
  5. Reduce stress of unwanted pregnancies

I love animals, any kind actually but my favourite has to be dogs. Dogs are and always will be man’s best friends for their loyalty and love.

I am thinking of participating in the Dogathon this Sunday. Anyone else interested?

I have a question for you. Are we humans really so superior compared to all other leaving beings? Why do so many people abandon their dogs once they get old and big? Will they do the same to their own kids?